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ER Mapper PRO V7.1 64 Bit

global mapper can handle the most demanding projects that would require the use of hec software in the editing and display aspects of the design. this is because the underlying gis in global mapper is built on the gs-base platform. and gs-base is the result of years of development using the best technology to create the fastest and most reliable tools. because hec software is built on the same platform as global mapper and gs-base, it provides the ability to create and edit in the software, then have the same work sent back to hec for geolocation and display in 3d.

ER Mapper PRO v7.1 64 bit


global mapper supports hundreds of thousands of features on a map. it also supports millions of point coordinates, radii, and polygons in a single layer. we offer the best solution for measuring accuracy. accuracy occurs when global mapper aligns all the map pixels in your area of interest to a reference grid, so that you can always measure the precision of every pixel and find the fraction of distortion. global mapper provides detailed error maps for each coordinate using the esri gdal library. this integration with esri provides automatic consistency of the single and multi-spectral imagery and orthorectified imagery.

global mapper's color palette provides easy and accurate color coding for hundreds of land cover classes and thousands of other objects. the color schemes can be exported and shared with other users or can be used in third-party applications to help establish a consistent color scheme. a new, improved color scheme editor allows a land cover class or any object to be quickly and easily assigned to a color scheme.


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