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Why Sisterakas is One of the Best Filipino Comedy Films of All Time

<h1>Sisterakas: A Filipino Comedy Parody Film You Don't Want to Miss</h1>

<p>If you are looking for a hilarious and entertaining movie to watch, you might want to check out <strong>Sisterakas</strong>, a 2012 Filipino comedy parody film directed by Wenn V. Deramas and starring Kris Aquino, Ai-Ai delas Alas, and Vice Ganda. The film is a spoof of Filipino family and business rivalries, featuring outrageous characters, witty dialogues, and hilarious situations.</p>

Sisterakas (2012) DVDRip X264 EngSub (Tagalog) - Babby

<h2>What is Sisterakas about?</h2>

<p><strong>Sisterakas</strong> tells the story of three half-siblings who are unaware of their blood relation. Bernice (Vice Ganda) is a successful fashion mogul who hates his half-sister Detty (Ai-Ai delas Alas), a struggling single mother who works as a sales agent. Meanwhile, Roselle (Kris Aquino) is a wealthy cosmetic company owner who despises her half-brother Bernice for being gay. When Detty applies for a job at Bernice's company, he decides to hire her and make her life miserable. However, things get complicated when Roselle tries to sabotage Bernice's business and Detty falls in love with her boss.</p>

<h3>Why should you watch Sisterakas?</h3>

<p>There are many reasons why you should watch <strong>Sisterakas</strong>, but here are some of the main ones:</p>


<li>It is one of the highest-grossing Filipino films of all time, earning over 391 million pesos at the box office.</li>

<li>It showcases the comedic talents of three of the most popular Filipino stars, who have great chemistry and timing on screen.</li>

<li>It is a fun and light-hearted movie that will make you laugh out loud and forget your worries for a while.</li>

<li>It has a heartwarming message about family, forgiveness, and acceptance.</li>


<h4>How to watch Sisterakas online with English subtitles?</h4>

<p>If you want to watch <strong>Sisterakas</strong> online with English subtitles, you have a few options. You can either rent or buy the movie from various streaming platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play, or YouTube. Alternatively, you can also find some websites that offer free streaming of the movie with English subtitles, such as Pinoy Movies Hub or Pinoy Tambayan. However, be careful of the quality and legality of these sites, as they may contain viruses or malware.</p>

<h5>Who are the actors in Sisterakas?</h5>

<p>The actors in <strong>Sisterakas</strong> are some of the most famous and talented Filipino celebrities. Here are some of them:</p>





<th>Other notable works</th>



<td>Vice Ganda</td>

<td>Bernice Sabino / Bernadette Sabino</td>

<td>The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin, Gandarrapiddo: The Revenger Squad, It's Showtime</td>



<td>Ai-Ai delas Alas</td>

<td>Detty Sabino / Bernadette Sabino</td>

<td>Tanging Ina, Ang Tanging Ina N'yong Lahat, Sunday PinaSaya</td>



<td>Kris Aquino</td>

<td>Roselle Hermosa / Roselle Sabino</td>

<td>Feng Shui, Sukob, The Buzz</td>



<td>Kathryn Bernardo</td>

<td>Kathy Sabino / Katherine Sabino</td>

<td>She's Dating the Gangster, The Hows of Us, Hello, Love, Goodbye</td>



<td>Daniel Padilla</td>

<td>Angelo Hermosa / Angelo Sabino</td>

<td>Crazy Beautiful You, Barcelona: A Love Untold, Got to Believe</td>



<td>Xyriel Manabat</td>

<td>Cindy Sabino / Cynthia Sabino</td>

<td>Momay, 100 Days to Heaven, Agua Bendita</td>


<h6>What are some of the best scenes in Sisterakas?</h6>

<p><strong>Sisterakas</strong> is full of memorable and hilarious scenes that will make you laugh and enjoy the movie. Here are some of the best scenes in the film:</p>


<li>The scene where Bernice and Detty meet for the first time at the office and have a heated argument.</li>

<li>The scene where Roselle hires a group of thugs to kidnap Bernice and Detty, but they end up kidnapping Kathy and Angelo instead.</li>

<li>The scene where Bernice and Detty disguise themselves as nuns to rescue Kathy and Angelo from the kidnappers.</li>

<li>The scene where Bernice and Detty compete in a fashion show against Roselle and her models.</li>

<li>The scene where Bernice, Detty, and Roselle finally discover their true relationship and reconcile with each other.</li>


<h7>How did Sisterakas perform at the box office and awards?</h7>

<p><strong>Sisterakas</strong> was a huge success at the box office and awards. The film was released on December 25, 2012 as part of the Metro Manila Film Festival. It earned over 39 million pesos on its opening day, breaking the record for the highest opening day gross for a Filipino film. It went on to earn over 391 million pesos in total, making it one of the highest-grossing Filipino films of all time. The film also won several awards, such as Best Supporting Actress for Wilma Doesnt, Best Child Performer for Xyriel Manabat, Best Musical Score for Vincent de Jesus, and Third Best Picture at the Metro Manila Film Festival Awards.</p> ba313b4491


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