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Orange Tree Samples Evolution Electric Guitar Strawberry UPDATED KONTAKT [CRACKED]

Hailing from the fiery core of the earth comes the hottest virtual 8 string guitar library for metal and rock. Evolution Dracus covers a wide variety of techniques and articulations, whether it's epic shredding leads or gigantic quadruple-tracked rhythm tracks. The sample library boasts an expansive note range, from piercing shrieks in the highest register to monstrous growls emanating far below a standard 6 string guitar's capabilities. Evolution Dracus's robust effects engine features a myriad of virtual stompboxes, rack effects, amps, and guitar cabinets to select from. The library also includes a ton of factory presets for instantly usable clean, crunchy, and distorted tones. With 17 GB of sample content and well over 15,000 samples, this powerhouse electric guitar sample library covers palm mutes, pinch harmonics, tapping, legato articulations like hammer-ons and pull-offs, slides, muted chugs, string scrapes, and much more.

Orange Tree Samples Evolution Electric Guitar Strawberry UPDATED KONTAKT

Summary:Evolution is one of the best electric guitar libraries on the market. You may need to take some time to tweak it just right, but the results are well worth it.There is no shortage of electric guitar sample libraries out there. Every major model and style has been addressed(though 100% realism is still reserved for, well, the real thing). We've seen libraries with tens of thousands of samples, fully modeled emulations, hybrid sample/synthesis plug-ins, and even more. It's been an obsession of many to get a definitive guitar tone in software.

This virtual guitar library offers a more diverse sound than most others. It presents more than 40,000 samples from nine types of guitars (three electric guitars, two jazz, on nylon and iron strings and a banjo). Composer Chris Hein has compiled 18 GB of high-quality sounds and articulations to offer a fantastic set of tunes for each guitar. There are manual controls, a harmonizer and a useful slide mode. Add some great effects and you get a lively sound! 350c69d7ab


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