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Bleach The Movie 4: Hell Verse (Dub) Episode 1 'LINK'

It's 2022 and we have watched ALL of the Fullbring arc! It's finally done! The final arc of the Bleach anime (for now) is in the books! Join Sam and Jose as they talk about the struggle of finishing the last few episodes, what they think of the ending of Bleach, Ginjo vs Ichigo, did Ginjos justification for hating the Soul Society make any sense, Head Captain Yamamoto makes a good decision for once, and so much more!!! Stay with us as next we move on to the live-action Bleach movie!

Bleach the Movie 4: Hell Verse (Dub) Episode 1


AYyyy we back!! We only have FOUR episodes left and we've completed our full rewatch of Bleach in ENGLISH DUB for the first time ever!!! Join Sam and Jose as they discuss the last bit of episodes of the Fullbring arc! Tsukishima overrides everyone's memories, Ichigo has a mental breakdown, Ginjo betrays Ichigo, Uryu does nothing, Isshin and Urahara reveal their master plan, Rukia returns Ichigos Power, All hell breaks lose, and the animation gets insane!! So much to talk about this week as we make it to the actually good episodes of Bleach!!! Let us know what you guys think in the comments below or on our socials below!

We've reached the FINAL Bleach movie!!! Bleach Movie 4 Hell Verse!! Join Sam, Josh, and Jose as they give this final movie a rewatch in 2021. How does this movie compare to the rest of the Bleach movie universe? How is Kokuto SO strong? Did they run out of voice actors to hire so they only put 4 characters in this movie? Why did Kokuto give up on his original plan? Does Hell actually work as the movie portrays? What happens if your a horrible person in Soul Society and then go to hell? Did you catch that sweet Rukia in chains!? All this and MORE are discussed on this episode of Bleach Boys!

SPOILERS FOR TYBW IN THIS VIDEO! Crazy good episodes this week!! Join Sam, Josh, and Jose as they discuss episodes 292-299 of Bleach! This week we get the grand gang up as all the Captains and Visoreds go against Aizen, then we get Yamamoto vs Aizen, Yamamoto vs Wonderweiss, Ichigo vs Aizen, the REVEAL that Ichigos life has all been planned, Daddy Isshin appears, Gin fights Ichigo, Isshin fights Aizen, and we get TWO filler episodes to prepare us for the Hell Verse movie!!! SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT THIS WEEK! So stop reading the description and let's hop into the episode!!

The episodes use five pieces of theme music: two opening themes and four closing themes. The opening themes are "chAngE" by Miwa and "Melody of the Wild Dance" by SID. The ending themes are "Stay Beautiful" by Diggy-MO, "Echoes" by Universe, "Last Moment" by Spyair, and "Song For..." by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D. 041b061a72


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