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Batman: Arkham City - Catwoman Bundle Pack Review

Batman: Arkham City - Catwoman Bundle Pack Review

Batman: Arkham City is one of the best superhero games ever made, but it's not just about the Dark Knight. The game also features a playable Catwoman, who has her own unique storyline, gameplay and skills. But how do you get to play as the feline femme fatale?


The answer is the Catwoman Bundle Pack, a downloadable content (DLC) that is included with the purchase of the game. However, if you bought a used copy of the game or lost your code, you can still buy the Catwoman Bundle Pack from the Xbox Live Marketplace for $9.99.

The Catwoman Bundle Pack adds four episodes to the main story, where you can switch between Batman and Catwoman at certain points. Catwoman has her own gadgets, such as a whip, bolas and caltrops, and her own combat style, which is more agile and acrobatic than Batman's. She can also use her whip to swing across rooftops and reach areas that Batman can't.

The Catwoman episodes are not essential to the main plot, but they add some depth and variety to the game. They also show a different perspective on the events of Arkham City, as Catwoman has her own motives and allies. You can also explore the city as Catwoman and collect her own set of Riddler trophies.

The Catwoman Bundle Pack also comes with two bonus Catwoman skins: Long Halloween Catwoman and Animated Catwoman. These skins can be used in the main game and in the challenge maps. They are purely cosmetic, but they add some fun and nostalgia to the game.

If you are a fan of Batman: Arkham City and want to experience more of its amazing gameplay and world, then you should definitely get the Catwoman Bundle Pack. It's a great addition to an already great game, and it gives you a chance to play as one of the most iconic characters in Batman's rogues gallery.

Gameplay - Catwoman Stealth: Catwoman's stealth gameplay is similar to Batman's, but with some differences. She can use her whip to grapple to vantage points and gargoyles, but she can't glide or use the grapnel boost. She can also crawl on ceilings and walls, which gives her more options to sneak around and take down enemies. She can use her bolas to stun enemies from a distance, or her caltrops to slow them down. She can also use her whip to disarm enemies or pull them off ledges.

Catwoman's stealth gameplay is more challenging than Batman's, because she has less gadgets and tools to deal with different situations. She also has less health and armor than Batman, so she can't take as much damage. She has to rely more on her agility and stealth skills to survive. However, she also has some advantages over Batman, such as being able to see enemies through walls with her thief vision, or being able to escape from a fight by using her whip.

Gameplay - Catwoman Exploration: Catwoman can explore Arkham City as much as Batman can, but she has some limitations. She can't access some areas that require Batman's gadgets, such as the subway tunnels or the museum. She also can't use the Batcomputer or the Cryptographic Sequencer to hack devices or solve riddles. However, she can find and collect her own set of Riddler trophies, which are hidden in cat-shaped containers. She can also find loot bags that contain money and valuables that she can use to buy upgrades for her gadgets and skills.

Catwoman's exploration gameplay is more rewarding than Batman's, because she can find more secrets and items that enhance her abilities. She can also enjoy the sights and sounds of Arkham City more than Batman, who is always focused on his mission. Catwoman can interact with some characters and objects that Batman can't, such as playing with a ball of yarn or flirting with Two-Face's thugs. 0efd9a6b88


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