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[S7E22] Good Crazy

Lily and Marshall hold their baby shower. Ted and Robin separately miss the shower on purpose to avoid seeing each other. Barney encourages Ted to try online dating and sets him up with three specific women. Over the course of each date, Ted suddenly visualizes Robin sitting in front of him and is determined to get her out of his mind even if his dates found him weird. On the third date, Ted finds out that his date, Holly, needed someone to get her over a recent breakup, which leads them to sleeping together. Ted goes back to MacLaren's and tries to order a drink, but sees Robin as the bartender and as a nearby patron. Both pseudo-Robins encourage him to find Robin and make amends. Robin pulls up in a taxi, and Ted tells her that they need to talk; she tells him that now is not a good time.

[S7E22] Good Crazy

Because Ted had been eager to avoid Robin for as long as he can, Barney encourages Ted to try out online dating by setting him up with three specific women. Over the course of each date, Ted suddenly visualizes Robin sitting in front of him and is determined to get her out of his mind even if his dates found him weird. On the third date, Ted finds out that his date, Holly, needed someone to get her over a recent breakup, which leads them to sleeping together. Apparently relieved, Ted goes back to MacLaren's and tries to order a drink, but sees Robin as the bartender and a nearby patron. Both pseudo-Robins encourage him to find Robin and make amends. Both Ted and Robin meet by chance outside the bar and try to talk but Robin says it is not yet a good time.

The final hour kicks off with Alicia and company trying to convince Connor Fox that Peter had accepted the two-year plea deal before the jury made its decision, but Fox is aware that the jury's quick decision is probably good for him. In a battle with Alicia, Fox offers Peter three years, but things are about to get a lot more complicated.

After Peter promises to be at Grace's college graduation, he thanks Eli for sticking by him before they all head into the courtroom. But before the judge can enter Peter's plea deal, the jury reveals that it has a question. The jury requests to hear the audio from the victim's 911 call in the Locke case. (Read: It's good news that the jury is focusing more on the murder and less on Peter's guilt.)

Lucca quickly asks for Jason's help, and it's a good thing she does because when there's an inaudible noise on the 911 call right before the victim is shot, Jason figures out that it's a ringtone. In other words, someone else was in the room when the victim was shot.

Inside, Jason asks why no one looked for the missing bullets after the trial if they're seemingly still in the evidence room. The answer, it seems, is simply that it would take too long. And when Jason asks if someone else could've been in the room with the victim, Cary points them to Sutton Foster! Well, I'm sure her character has a name, but I don't think we ever got it. And it turns out, there's no point. The judge stops her questioning before Diane can get anything useful out of it. But thankfully, one good thing comes out of it: Cary heads to Matan, wondering if they missed something.

Speaking of things Alicia is interested in, let's hope she wants a life in politics because Eli is setting it all up for her. Talking to one of his fundraisers, Peter discovers that Eli is pointing all of his fundraising toward Alicia. She doesn't know it yet, but Eli swears it's the smart move: This way, they won't give their money to an opponent. And when Alicia gets the divorce, she'll no longer be tainted by Peter. It really is a good setup, you know, IF Alicia wants that life. (I'm going to go ahead and bet she doesn't.)

But let's get to the good stuff: Matan found the bullets! Turns out they'd been accidentally misplaced in an evidence box and are being tested now. Only when Kurt calls, the news isn't good: The bullets definitively came from Locke's gun. He did it, which means Peter would have had reason to hide them. Now, Diane and Alicia have to find a way to stop the judge from allowing the jury to see this evidence. And as Diane reminds Alicia when she stops caring about Peter's guilt: He's their client. They have to care.

And here's where we get our epic battle of the good wives: Alicia wants to undercut Kurt's testimony to help Peter, and Diane refuses to hurt her husband again if she doesn't think it's strategically necessary. So when Diane leaves the room, Alicia asks Lucca for a favor.

Closing the door on Peter, Alicia turns around to see an empty apartment. Wondering what she does now, Imaginary Will informs her, "Go to him. You're done with Peter." But as she explains, "Jason's not you." "Very few people are me," Will quips. As Will explains, she can't live here alone. It will drive her crazy. "Go to him. It's not too late," he says. And so she does, but not until after she tears my heart open tells Will one last time, "I'll love you forever." His oh-so-Will response: "I'm okay with that."

Cut to a very full-circle moment as Alicia once again holds Peter's hand as he walks on stage. Ever the good wife, she stands by his side as he thanks everyone who's helped him along the way. But the moment she thinks she sees Jason standing off-stage, she leaves Peter. Just as he reaches for her hand, she steps off the stage to go after the man she's chosen. Only, when she chases Jason around the corner, he's not there. Did she imagine him? We'll never know.

We're still at the Dunphy household. Andy is there and it's morning. Andy and Phil are sorting out contracts together. Phil says there's only one thing left to do, but Andy tells him he's already scheduled it. Phil tells him "If I could bottle you up and put you into a cologne, you know what I would call it? Initiative.". Andy states that he needs Phils advice, Andy begins "You remember my cousin, back in Utah, the real estate developer", stating that his cousin needs someone, now, so he's leaving to go help him. Alex interrupts them rolling in her suitcase saying "Hey!", Alex then gets upset after realising no one knew she was coming back although she told them and put it on the calendar, then stating that Sanjay's parents are throwing him a 3 day welcome home party and have made him a suit out of marigolds. Luke comes in extremely happy and sees Alex, "Hey! This is a nice surprise pumpkin!", Alex beings to ask "Was I too subtle with the way I put it on the calendar ?" after Alex points we see the words "ALEX HOME WOO!" and a giant circle with 4 arrows pointing to it. Alex walks out and Luke starts to whistle, while making his breakfast. All attention is now on Luke as Andy states "Someone woke up in a good mood. And there is only one reason a teenage boy is ever like that" Phil interrupts by saying "Yeah! Because it's family camp training day", Phil constantly tries to take his mind off of the fact that he thinks Luke has lost his virginity. Phil states that "Luke and I are training for the big famcathalon. You're carb-ing good idea buddy!" Luke sits down with a bunch of giant pancakes and stuffs them into his mouth. Andy reacts with "Hungry dude!" and Phil says "HUNGRY FOR FAMILY CAMP!", Andy looks at him strange and slightly alarmed.

We're now at the Tucker-Pritchett household. Lily comes in with a magazine and tells Mitchell "Don't say no right away but picture me with these". Mitchell thinks she is talking about boobs and says "Sweetie, you're 8 years old give your body time to develop". Lily tells him "These curls, I want a perm!", Mitchell tells her to take it from someone who had a perm at her age "You don't". Cameron then walks in asking what Mitchell thinks of his outfit, he's wearing blue overalls with a red and white plaid shirt and a cowboy hat. "What do you think of my airplane outfit when I land in Missouri, I want to blend right in". Mitchell then asks "With what a Jug Band?". Mitchell and Cameron are the first to be "interviewed". Cameron says "I got a job this summer as an assistant defensive coordinator for the Missouri State football team. Go Bears! I'm going home". Mitchell then says "And I have been crazy with work, which means Lily will be going back and forth between the two of us. It has been a little tense putting together a time-share agreement, though." Cameron gets confused and jumps into defence to tell Mitchell "I haven't been making it tense. You're the one who treats our daughter like she's a vacation property in Aruba.", Mitchell sarcastically tells him that he "should be promoted to very defensive coordinator.". We come back to Mitchell and Cameron talking again. Mitchell hands him a piece of paper which makes Cameron state more than he's asking "you typed up how we're gonna share our daughter. What is this some sort of custody agreement ?". The doorbell rings and Mitchell tells Cam "I just drafted a document that reflects what we discussed last night. You have a tendency to forget about things you agreed to, Cam", Cameron tells Mitchell "Okay, that's a bunch of hooey." Cameron opens the door to see a friend of theirs. He begins "Rich! I forgot to bring up the towels." and points to Mitchell whilst telling him "That proves nothing!" after Mitchell tells him he forgets things he agrees to. Rich tells Cameron "I wouldn't bother you, but I'm late for court." Mitchell carries on "It's really very straightforward. If it rains for more than three days in Missouri, that borrows against my time. Conversely, if Lily does go to gymnastics camp, I get an extra week." Cameron tells Mitchell that it's too confusing. He remembers that Rich is a lawyer and tells him to have a look at the papers and tells Cameron he's lawyer-ing up. Rich takes a look at it and says that there's a lot of ambiguous language in there and Cameron shouldn't sign it. Mitchell tells Rich that no one is asking him to. Cameron then starts to make conversation with Rich by pointing at a place int he document and stating "You know, I never would have agreed to give up 4th of July, and now I'm worried he's trying to trick me out of Biscuit Bonanza.", which makes Rich question the term "Biscuit Bonanza". Cameron then tells him "It's what it sounds like. It's a biscuit-baking competition, and then you see who can throw theirs the furthest." Mitchell has taken out his phone while they were talking and states "May I present Exhibit 'A' ?" Mitchell plays it and you hear both Cam and Lily on the phone and it's Cam explaining the term "Biscuit Bonanza" to her after he states "I don't care about 4th of July, as long as I get Lily for Biscuit Bonanza." Cameron then states that he's never hated the sound of his own voice more. Mitchell gets up to say he needs to pick up Pepper's costume. Cameron asks "What costume ?". Mitchell then plays another voice recording in which Mitchell tells Cam not to forget about Peppers costume. Cameron then asks "Okay! STOP IT!". 041b061a72


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