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Paradise 1982 Film Ita Torrent

is this larry clarks best film, and the best american film of the 1980s? absolutely. this is the film that should have come to theaters first, and the one that should have been lauded, rewarded, and eventually taught to high school and college film students everywhere.

Paradise 1982 Film Ita Torrent

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we had a lot of trouble finding larry clarkes earlier films. we didnt find any out of print copies, either at used bookstores or the library. we couldnt even find any out of print or used copies online. we had to go to the studios in new york to find out what we could. and they say youre not allowed to ship anything out of the country.

another great film from larry clark, who is not a great filmmaker ( i feel like ive seen every film of his) but an exceptionally talented one. when larry clark made this film, he was trying to get out of his own head what it meant to be a man, to be a sex addict, to be homosexual. this is a good introduction to that because it shows a very low point, but it does not get down to the bottom of it. i hope to see what he did after this, but for now, its a good, important film and i think it deserves to be seen and studied by anyone who loves movies.

i'd had a notion of larry clarks alleged film-making genius ever since i'd seen bed nights, the short he made with eddie coyle, a.k.a. eazy e. larry clark the musician is an excellent video artist and cinematographer, and if you like that kind of thing, you'll like bed nights. its a funny, violent, violent, funny, violent, violent, funny, violent, violent film. sometimes its crude and childish ( lets dance all night) and sometimes its very complex ( show business), but its always interesting.


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