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Sins Of A Solar Empire V1.05 Patch HOT! Download

V e n g e a n c E P r e s e n t S Railroad Tycoon 3 Update v1.05 CRACKED (c) Take 2 Release Date : 09-23-2004 Protection : SecuROM File Count : 1x5mb Game Genre : Strategy Release Notes: Version 1.05 Changes Note: This patch does NOT require you to have any prior patches installed. Whether or not you have installed patches 1.01 to 1.04, the RT3 - Coast to Coast expansion, or none of the above, this patch will work fine in any of these scenarios. 1. Fixed a multiplayer crash bug inadvertantly introduced in patch 1.04. 2. Resolved the bug that could cause trains to slow to 1 m.p.h. sometimes when approaching stations and/or service towers. 3. Fixed a bug that would cause industries with 2 possible inputs (i.e. textile mill), to produce at only half of their targeted rate, even when supplied with both inputs. Install Notes: 1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent. 2. Apply Update. 3. Copy Crack over. Contacting Vengeance: We are always looking for talented people to help fill our ranks. If you: Work at an Electronics Boutique, Babbage's, Virgin or any similar store Work for a games magazine as a reviewer, and have early access to games Are able to crack most commercial protection schemes such as StarForce, SecuROM and Safedisc Can provide (legal!) hardware, such as CPUs, gfx cards and harddrives Vengeance salutes the competition: GAME COMPANIES DESERVE YOUR SUPPORT!! IF YOU ENJOY THIS CYCLONE RAZOR1911 iMMERSiON GAME, BUY IT NOW!! ASCii by Edge of Superior Art Creations

Sins Of A Solar Empire V1.05 Patch Download


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