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Waist Deep (2006) [720p] [BluRay] [YTS.MX] !EXCLUSIVE!

What does Black Snake Moan mean?Personal demonsAs explained in the bonus features on the DVD, the "Black Snake Moan" represents personal demons - the "voice that won't go away."A God-fearing bluesman Lazarus (Samuel L. Jackson),takes to a wild young woman Rae (Christina Ricci) who, as a victim of childhood abuse, has become the town tramp she looks everywhere for love, never quite finding it.This is an unusually bold film, but it's also a morality tale.Christina Ricci wears little but a pair of skimpy white underpants as Rae, a properly mixed up Tennessee gal who has an insatiable urge for sex. Lazarus, a local farmer (Samuel L. Jackson), with gold capped teeth, grey hair and woolly beard, has his own problems.When Lazarus finds Rae lying unconscious from drugs, alcohol and abuse near his property, he takes her in. "God seen fit as to put you in my path and I'm going to take this wickedness out of you," he tells her, wrapping a thick industrial chain around her tiny waist, to keep her from running away. Deception, freedom and redemption all weave themselves into a moody tale that held my attention for most of the time, compounded by Ricci's stunning beauty, striking performance and waif-like appearance.Ricci is like a wild cat in heat as she struggles to free herself from the heavy chain. Her performance is incredibly fierce and free. It is reminiscent of Ida Lupino's bold, performance as a crazed women who looses her mind in 1940's 'They Drive by Night' or Elizabeth Taylor's performance in a Taming of the Shrew. Christina Ricci's performance is unbridled and gritty. What I would give to have a conversation with her as pick her brain about how Christina prepared to dive so emotionally deep to give such a raw and unflinching performance . She is first a rate actress.Delightfully outrageous, Black Snake Moan is an explosive mixture of sex, race,and redemption in the Deep South. It may be the most peculiar films I have seen. I love the way that both Samuel Jackson and Christina Ricci take chances pushing the boundaries of the content with there no- holds- bar acting chops. Such movies defy all categories and really need to be experienced. Any of you cats want to barrow my blu-ray I will post it to you. 9/10

Waist Deep (2006) [720p] [BluRay] [YTS.MX]



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