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First Meeting.mp4

Currently working off a company account with 5TB of storage and unable to upload .mov files directly from external hard drives. I have tried different browser types, as well as renaming the files as .mp4's and still nothing on both a PC (Windows 11) and Mac (Montery, M1 Max chip)... The only way they will upload is if I run them through media encoder first which can take hours with large files. The files I am uploading are coming directly from HDD recorders and live production cameras.

First Meeting.mp4

  • In order to record a meeting, you must have the following: A GoTo Meeting Pro or Plus tier account

  • The Cloud recording feature activated by an account admin.

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The Action for Peacekeeping initiative I launched three years ago is aimed first and foremost at making our missions stronger, safer and more effective. A4P plus, which I launched in March, aims to accelerate implementation.

The resulting Mux1.mp4 does not contain all videos. Only the first video (75_540_38HQ2.mp4). The file size of the source and resulting video is below (as you can see, resulting video is slightly larger than first vid):

Note: some distributions (like Ubuntu) do not have ffmpeg in their repository and instead define ffmpeg to be an alias of avconv. This won't work with avconv, so in such a case you have to compile ffmpeg yourself. You can check whether you have the real ffmpeg by running ffmpeg and checking if the first output line ends with "the FFmpeg developers".

By net rating, the Jazz (9.0) and Clippers (6.1) ranked first and second, respectively, in the NBA during the regular season. Utah was the only team to finish in the top five in both offensive (fourth) and defensive (third) efficiency. The Clippers (third offensive, eighth defensive) joined the Jazz as one of four teams (Bucks, Suns) to finish in the top 10 of both categories.

This is the first meeting for the 2022 Defiance County 4-H Shotgun Shooting Sports Program Project #752. If you are a first time shooting sports participant, we are asking a parent/guardian to also attend this meeting. The purpose of the meeting will be to organize and start the project. This project is limited to 12 participants. Please call ahead to register. COVID guidelines will be followed at all times.

4-H families are invited to stop by Fairview Elementary anytime between 3-5 pm for ice cream. Youth may also pick up their sale checks, certificates, premiums and year pins. This will be conducted in the registration area as you first walk into the elementary school. Again, this will be available from 3-5 pm.

One year ago, unaware of the pandemic that would strike the globe in 2020, the SouthTRAC aircraft campaign took place in Río Grande and El Calafate, Argentina. Since then, data evaluation has been revved up to full intensity, and many instrument groups were able to present interesting preliminary results during a recent (virtual) meeting. This encompasses novel evidence about the occurrence and propagation of gravity waves over the Andes and the Antarctic Pensinsula that interact with the polar vortex, transporting energy into the middle and upper stratosphere. Air mass transport is investigated with interhemispheric comparisons, studying characteristics of exchange between the stratosphere and the troposphere, and within the lower stratospheric regions. Chemical composition analysis is performed on various fronts, one of the most intriguing being the observation of a large number of tracers for biomass burning that occured in several places during the campaign season, predominantly Brazil and Australia. These examples nicely illustrate the long range impact of local emission or excitation events with often global effects. Also plans were made for publications, and first results will be disclosed to the public this year.

The wave soaring campaign by the DLR Institute of Atmospheric Physics, accompanying the SouthTRAC campaign from their base in El Calafate at the base of the Andes, will start these days. The first colleagues from DLR arrived on site, along with the Stemme glider. 041b061a72


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