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In the Fixed Version distribution mode, you download a specific version of the WebView2 Runtime and package it together with your WebView2 app in your app package. The WebView2 Runtime that you package with your app is used only by your WebView2 app, not by any other apps on the client's machine.

9Dragons download no password

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The Evergreen Bootstrapper section of the page provides a small Evergreen Runtime bootstrapper that runs on the client machine, for online users. The bootstrapper downloads and installs the appropriate WebView2 Evergreen Runtime onto the client. You can use the bootstrapper a couple different ways:

Link to the bootstrapper, using a link that you obtain from the Get the Link button. Your app uses this link to programmatically download the bootstrapper onto the client and invoke the bootstrapper. This approach avoids the need to package the bootstrapper with your app. This approach has a dependency on Microsoft's Content Delivery Network (CDN), to get the bootstrapper.

For online clients: WebView2 Runtime Bootstrapper is a tiny (approximately 2 MB) installer. The WebView2 Runtime Bootstrapper downloads and installs the Evergreen Runtime from Microsoft servers that matches the user's device architecture.

If the Runtime isn't installed, in your app setup process, use the link (from the Get the Link button on the download page) to programmatically download the WebView2 Runtime Bootstrapper.

In the Fixed Version distribution mode, you control the timing of updates to the WebView2 Runtime for your app. You download a specific version of the WebView2 Runtime and then package it with your WebView2 app. The WebView2 Runtime on the client isn't automatically updated. Instead, you periodically update the WebView2 Runtime that's packaged and distributed together with your updated app. The Fixed Version approach doesn't use a registry key for the WebView2 Runtime.

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