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Swar Systems SwarPlug Full Edition V10: A Review

If you are looking for a plugin that can provide you with a wide range of authentic Indian instruments, you might want to check out Swar Systems SwarPlug Full Edition V10. This plugin is a hybrid of VST, AU and AAX formats, and it works on both PC and MAC platforms. It is the latest version of the popular SwarPlug series, which has been around since 2003. In this article, we will review the features, benefits and drawbacks of SwarPlug Full Edition V10, and see if it is worth your money.


What is SwarPlug Full Edition V10?

SwarPlug Full Edition V10 is a plugin that contains over 100 sampled Indian instruments, each with a large quantity of MIDI loops that you can audition and drag and drop on your tracks. You can also customize the mapping of playing areas, adjust the parameters of each instrument, and use the multi-mic fader to blend different microphone positions. The plugin also supports MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression), which allows you to control the pitch, timbre and expression of each note individually. Moreover, the plugin has a cross-legato mode that enables seamless pitch bending transitions between notes, and a scales customization feature that lets you tune each instrument to any semitone. You can also use the modulations panel to add effects such as vibrato, tremolo, wah-wah and more. The plugin also has a time-stretching feature that allows you to change the tempo of the loops without affecting the pitch.

What are the benefits of SwarPlug Full Edition V10?

One of the main benefits of SwarPlug Full Edition V10 is that it offers a comprehensive collection of Indian instruments, covering both classical and folk genres. You can find instruments such as sitar, sarod, tabla, bansuri, harmonium, veena, dholak, santoor, tanpura and many more. The quality of the samples is very high, and they capture the nuances and expressions of each instrument. The plugin also provides you with a lot of flexibility and control over the sound and performance of each instrument. You can tweak the settings to suit your preferences and needs, and create realistic and expressive melodies and rhythms. Another benefit of SwarPlug Full Edition V10 is that it is very easy to use. You can browse through the instruments and loops using the intuitive interface, and drag and drop them on your tracks with ease. You can also sync the loops to your host tempo automatically, or change the tempo manually using the time-stretching feature. The plugin also integrates well with most DAWs, and it is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

What are the drawbacks of SwarPlug Full Edition V10?

One of the possible drawbacks of SwarPlug Full Edition V10 is that it is quite expensive. The plugin costs $199 USD for new customers, or $99 USD for existing customers who want to upgrade from previous versions. This might be too pricey for some users who are on a tight budget or who only need a few instruments. Another possible drawback of SwarPlug Full Edition V10 is that it requires a lot of disk space and RAM to run smoothly. The plugin takes up about 15 GB of disk space, and it recommends at least 8 GB of RAM for optimal performance. This might be an issue for some users who have limited storage or memory capacity on their computers.


SwarPlug Full Edition V10 is a plugin that provides you with a rich and diverse collection of Indian instruments, along with many features and options to customize and enhance your sound. It is suitable for anyone who wants to add some exotic flavors to their music production, or who wants to explore the musical traditions and cultures of India. However, it is also quite expensive and demanding in terms of system requirements, so you might want to consider your budget and computer specifications before buying it. If you are interested in trying out SwarPlug Full Edition V10, you can download a demo version from [Swar Systems website], or listen to some examples on [SoundCloud] .


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