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Which Vitamix To Buy Reddit

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Which Vitamix To Buy Reddit

This Oster model, like other high-performance blenders, is a beefy machine. The base takes up 8 by 9 inches of counter space. But at 17 inches tall to the top of the lid, the Oster will fit better on a counter under most kitchen cabinets than the Vitamix or the Cleanblend, both of which are more than 19 inches tall.

At this price point, the Recon V1200 with $100 off in-cart makes more sense for most people. That is unless you want non-Ascent, in which case a Legacy budget pick is a better choice here.

The E310 comes with a 48-ounce container, which is ideal for those who live alone. But the V1200 has more features and is less loud. Plus, it comes with a free 20-ounce kit and $100-off in-cart via our link. So for around the same price, the Recon V1200Recon V1200 is the better pick.

Yes Doug! You are so right, that is a very important distinction (and upgrade) to be able to put the containers in the dishwasher! I have also put the 48oz vitamix container in my refrigerator that is a great reminder to include! ? I will update the post with your insights so others can benefit. Happy Blending! Tarashaun

It's hard to decide which Vitamix container is best for all of your needs, and as they continue to expand their already rich assortment of blender containers, I constantly get asked the following questions.Which Vitamix container is best for smoothies or peanut butter or ice cream?Which Vitamix container is compatible with which models?Do I need the Vitamix dry container?Do I need an additional Vitamix container and if so which one?For this reason, I've decided to answer these questions and review each Vitamix container, explain their purpose and then provide our expert "Blender Babes" recommendations. ? You can also watch a video my friend Lenny and I made about Vitamix Containers above. He's a Vitamix Blender Babe and you can find him at Doesn't he look good in his BB gear?!P.S. If you still need help deciding Which Vitamix to BUY

Understanding the differences in Vitamix models and various containers better than previous for which I am grateful to you. Regardless of a specific model Vitamix is a fantastic appliance.Thank you for sharing your knowledge and I am a fan.

Great article. Very informative. We have a 64 oz tall jar( standard) , but now I m contemplating if I need a 32 oz jar. I want to make baby food, and small quantities of purees for my Indian food, which are not liquidy but rather thick in consistency. Do you think that 32 oz wet jar will be beneficial for my above mentioned needs? Many thanks

As with most head-to-head appliances battles, the Vitamix versus Blendtec debate is more a matter of which is better for the recipes you'll be making most often. Here's how to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each:

The idea that Vitamix blenders are better suited for experienced cooks or bakers is solidified in the fact that the cheapest brand new, non-refurbished Vitamix model is the E310(Opens in a new tab), which retails for $349.95. Blendtec has a much more inclusive price range and gives folks a chance to experience professional precision without going out of their budget.

Take that sheer power with a grain of salt, because there's not much in the way of customization here. You're pretty much choosing between having control over speed or control over time: The E310 has a robust 10-speed dial but no timer, while the Fit Classic has a pre-timed 30 second cycle and a +10 seconds button, which you can keep pushing until you get up to the time you need. The Fit Classic also has a digital screen where you can keep track of the countdown, but no way to keep track of speed.

The "A" in A2300 signifies that a Vitamix blender is part of the Ascent Series. The whimsical name represents Vitamix's Smart System blenders, featuring built-in digital timers and self-detecting containers that allow the machine to read which container you've chosen (like 64 ounces for a big bat


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