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and if the authorities decide youre a real threat, your internet connection could be shut off completely, as happened to one man in august 2010. after being accused of downloading hundreds of movies, he was given an eight-month suspended sentence. they knew exactly what he was doing, and they put a stop to it.

the best vpn services are easy to set up, and theyll usually offer a free trial period. not all do this, but most will. if you need to know more about the differences between different vpn services, then i suggest you read our full review of the best vpn services. its one of the most comprehensive around, and covers a wide range of different service types. if youre looking to browse the web anonymously then a vpn is a must.

this encryption is also why you can use a vpn when streaming from netflix or hulu too. the quality will probably be significantly reduced, but its usually fast enough to keep up with your episode. and since youre using a vpn, youre not visible as the source ip address, and youll be able to stream without anyone knowing that youre downloading a tv show or movie.


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